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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your program needs to stand out. Bring us your custom design and we will build it. Already have an existing Loyalty program, and looking to improve it? We have a proven track record of importing existing complex programs into our platform.



With functionality developments from a global list of loyalty clients already in place, we eliminate lengthy development times so your program starts without delay. Don't let security concerns become a barrier either, we have engineered our platform to keep sensitive information safe.



Don't miss out on the latest trends, easily add new features to your program with four development releases per year. Use our API service to work with existing or new partners, and be assured you are always working with your preferred industry specialists.

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16 Billion Transactions Processed

With over 16 years in the business and single clients processing over 1 million transactions per day, when using Givex you don't need to worry your program will be too successful, we can handle the volume.
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A coalition for your success

Whether you work with a local agency for your mobile app and/or social media strategy, a global consulting company creating your customer segmentation and reward structure, to various POS systems across your business,  we have the APIs and a dedicated integration team to work with your chosen partners in support of your success.
Coalition Loyalty Programs
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Robust Security

The Givex portal has over 300 admin permissions ensuring that sensitive loyalty program information does not fall into the wrong hands. Set your program to only give senior, mid-level and junior staff the data and information needed for their specific job functions.

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Global Presence

Our loyalty engine drives industry first programs for businesses around the globe, as well providing a white labelled solution for large transaction processing and POS partners. Create a comprehensive loyalty program that is customizable to each of your international locations. With offices in North America, Australia, Europe, Brazil and China, we have the local expertise and international capabilities to make your program perform at the global and local level.

Global Presence Loyalty Programs
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Quick to Market

Get our powerful loyalty engine to turn your loyalty plan into reality without lengthy development delays. With thousands of functionality developments from a global list of loyalty clients already in place, we have the tools you need to meet your objectives and launch date.

Quick to Market Loyalty Programs

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Security Built-In

Givex provides security compliance without the hassle.

  • Certified PCI level 1
  • Daily data backups & replication
  • 24/7 systems monitoring & Support
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The Guide to Loyalty Program Success

Not sure where to start?
Check out the Givex guide to Loyalty Program Success.

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Plus much, much more

With over a hundred powerful features, Givex is the best option for your loyalty program.

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Givex powers over 300,000 installations

here's what our customers have to say

The Costa Coffee Club loyalty program more than pays for itself!

- George Gee Loyalty Manager, Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee

Using Givex as our provider for our new loyalty program put us at ease. We knew they had the capacity and scope to deal with our growing business and the ability to expand the program as our business expands internationally. We couldn’t be happier with the loyalty program, and we were thrilled when Givex worked with third party partners and saved us costly development.

- Pat Foley Head of eCommerce, Onlinegolf

Givex was great to work with and their included comprehensive reporting gave us advanced functionality and financial data that our previous supplier could not provide. The support team at Givex, whether it is in reports or technical questions, is always available, more than willing to help and does a great job doing so.

- Johannes Bäckblom POS and Payment Solutions Specialist, Clas Ohlson
Clas Ohlson
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