Kiosk & Self-Service

Givex’s award-winning self-service kiosks allow guests to shop, order and pay for products and services at their own pace.

The Central Hub of Your Business

All programs on the Givex platform are fully integrated, making it a simple, one-stop-shop for all your business needs. From payment to menu management, GivexPOS scales with your business.

Dozens of Top-Rated Features

Restaurant Kiosks

Provide high-demand digital experiences with autonomous order and payment solutions that reduce long lines and speed up service

Fully Integrated

Seamless integration to POS, KDS and existing software to improve operational flow.

Reporting and Analytics

Make better decisions and view business data through multiple lenses.

Brand Recognition

The intuitive user interface can be customized with your corporate branding, menus and products.

Acquisition and Retention

Robust gift and loyalty platforms encourage repeat business and create personalized customer experiences.

Management Software

Central control of operations, inventory, pricing, menus, and customers.

Benefits of the Givex Platform

  • Minimize Labour Costs

    Allow the kiosk to process orders and reassign staff to other tasks.

  • Targeted Upselling

    Display advertised specials and recommend add-ons to increase customer spending. Consumers spend 12-20% more on impulse or unplanned purchases.

  • Improve Order Accuracy

    Allow customers to review and edit their selections before submitting an order to reduce errors and food waste.

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International Client Base

  • With Givex’s cutting-edge technology suite, Tesco Cafés will benefit from streamlined digital ordering processes, efficient kitchen automation systems, effective inventory control mechanisms, and advanced menu management tools. These capabilities will transform the way Tesco Cafés operate, leading to increased productivity and improved customer service.


  • We were very impressed with GivexPOS as an enterprise system with multifaceted capabilities. It eliminates the need for multiple single function programs. Instead we simply use GivexPOS to manage various tasks from measuring inventory levels to sales reporting.

    Fannie May

  • Givex took on the complex elements of the project such as transitioning from the Bon Appetit Card to the new Ultimate Dining Card and creating customized B2B and B2C websites for us. We are very happy with the work Givex has done and would recommend them to any business looking for a well-managed and customized gift card program.

    Recipe Unlimited

Integration Partners

We have 1100+ integrations to best-of-breed solutions so you can use the third party of your choice with Givex.

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Options Without Constraints

We don’t limit your integration options. If your provider isn’t already integrated with Givex, we work with you to get them set up.

Self-Service Checkout

Unattended Kiosks

  • Optimize: Customer experience with an all-in-one order and pay system
  • Convenience: Run your operations 24/7 without assistance
  • Connected: Fully integrated to POS
  • Communicate: Gift, loyalty and promotions

Lite Chillers

  • AI-powered standalone refrigeration system
  • Offer a wide range of healthy hot and cold menu items such as salads, sandwiches, and wraps
  • Controlled security features ensure that the unit only unlocks with valid payment methods
  • Real-time inventory tracking and built-in security cameras automatically scan items added or removed from the system
  • Industry-leading R290 refrigeration system with fast temperature recovery

Self-Checkout Industries

  • Retail
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Education
  • Contract Catering

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