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How it Works

Givex offers omnichannel POS, gift card, loyalty and stored value ticketing solutions to drive sales and help our clients make better-informed business decisions.

  • 15 Data Centers

    Our proprietary technology replicates data in two separate geographic locations to ensure transaction processing is available at all times.

  • 99% Uptime

    Our proprietary technology allows us to provide 99.9% uptime for our clients worldwide using this failover system.

  • <20 Seconds Wait Time

    We are proud of our support team’s ability to respond to requests in less than 20 seconds on average.

  • 1100+ Integrations

    Unlike other platforms, Givex offers the freedom to use our solutions or seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions.

All-In-One Technology Platform

Givex is a comprehensive, cloud-based global customer engagement and business insights platform.

Check out this video to learn more about Givex products and how they work together to help our retail, hospitality and restaurant clients manage their businesses efficiently.

Security Built-In

Givex provides security compliance without the hassle.

  • Certified PCI level 1
  • Daily data backups and replication
  • 24/7 systems monitoring

24/7 Support

Our client services team is available 24/7, via phone, live chat or client portal.

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Robust Analytics

Real-time analytics offer unique insights to guide efficient business decisions.

Our Comprehensive Tech Ecosystem

  • GivexPOS

    Manage your business from end to end with inventory control, ordering, payments, engagement tools and more.

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  • Gift Cards

    Increase sales, acquire new customers or create your own branded mobile wallet for convenient payments.

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  • Loyalty Programs

    Engage with customers wherever they are with a custom loyalty program with robust features and seamless integration.

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  • GivexPay

    Deliver frictionless transactions and utilize powerful data and clear insights into customer behavior.

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  • Uptix™ Ticketing

    Harness powerful analytics to drive revenue and enhance fan experience with cashless concessions and in-game promotions.

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