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Gift Programs

Global Gift Card Programs

Trust Givex to implement your international gift card program. We have proven experience with over 165,000 users across 50 countries and a network of global processing centers.  Givex also provides multi-lingual support, translated user interfaces, and dynamic currency conversion.

Corporate Incentives

With Givex it’s easy for you to sell gift cards as corporate incentives. Corporate customers simply log into a custom created website and place a bulk order for gift cards. Then we take over and manage the entire process – including order processing and fulfillment –reducing your administrative workload.



Gift Card Malls

Third party sales make your gift cards available through ‘gift card malls’ in high traffic retailers, such as drugstores and supermarkets, where they gain enhanced exposure with shoppers and new audiences.


If you’re looking for a quick-start gift card solution then consider GiveXpress. Order online and in a few weeks receive everything you need to start a gift card program! You can include your company logo on the gift cards and choose from a range of card designs to match your brand.

Digital & Mobile

E-Gift Cards

Offering greater speed and convenience than physical gift cards, e-gift cards are sent straight to the recipient’s inbox or picked up from a secure website. The e-gift card can be generated as a barcode or QR code and be redeemed in any channel.

Mobile Wallet

Our mobile wallet is secure, easy, and cost-effective to implement. It works using a Single Use Number (SUN) that can be generated as a short 6-digit number, a barcode, or a QR code so it can be input by whatever means available to your existing POS. No expensive equipment or upgrades needed!

Auto Top-ups

Boost repeat business with automatic reloads and top-ups. Using Givex, your customers can manually reload their card as well as set up automatic reloads at set intervals (i.e. weekly, monthly) or whenever the balance falls below a specified threshold.


Lead Gen Website

Get a website that’s easy for any non-developer to change and manage. With the Marqui 8 Content Management System (CMS), we build and host fully responsive, mobile-optimized websites which can be used for your online gift card sales, promotions and more. Easily test and change messaging, images and other content on the fly within special website templates. We also offer consultative expertise when it comes to digital marketing and web design. Marqui 8 is also designed for marketing campaigns and lead generation. Collect leads via landing pages and web forms and send them targeted email campaigns using the fully integrated Marqui 8 campaign tool. Marqui 8 is your all-in-one engine for custom website creation and digital marketing. Marqui 8 is a Givex product.



Customer WebSuite

Our Customer WebSuite (CWS) is a responsive web portal used for online gift card and e-gift card ordering as well as card registration and reloads. It’s custom skinned to match your website’s look and feel so customers have a seamless experience.  It is an easy and turnkey solution for any business to have an online and mobile presence for their program.

Card Loss Protection

Cardholders register online and if the gift card is lost or stolen, customers are able to log in and put their card on hold. Customers can then pick up a new card in-store and transfer the existing balance, or request one online to be fulfilled by you or through our fulfillment services.

Personalized Gift Cards

Increase your sales by enabling your customers to personalize their gift cards with their own photos or messages when they order online. The best part? There’s minimal administrative work or technological savvy needed on your end.


Specialty Cards

Gift and Loyalty Combo Card

Offer your customers both a loyalty and gift program in one card! This card can be used to redeem gift money and earn loyalty points in the process.

Quick Pay

If you’re a high volume business then our time saving Quick Pay Cards are for you. Cut down transaction times as your customers load money on their cards and pay with a quick swipe or scan instead of cash.


Whether you are sending your branded Gift Cards to loyal customers as rewards they can give to their friends, or to a new customer who has just liked your page on Facebook, track the success/redemptions of your "reward cards" using our grouping functionality and even track the extra spend that comes from them.

Credit Notes

Don't make the return of a product/service a totally negative situation for your valued customers. Use your existing branded Gift Cards; that you have grouped and classified as credit notes within our online portal, to quickly provide the credit owed. Those funds can only be spent within your business, and you can track their redemptions to ensure those customers have come back.

Wedding Registry Card

Gift giving is hard enough on occasions like birthdays, a wedding gift is even more difficult as now you're buying for two people at once. This innovation from Givex allows individuals to join with other friends and family of the newlyweds, to contribute to a collective fund that can be spent with a particular merchant. Givex handles the entire process from the online interactive website, email communications, all the way to the fulfillment of the card if required.  


Mystery Gift Card

By masking the true value of this promotional card, customers are required to make a minimum value purchase in order to uncover the actual value of the card, that can be used against their next purchase.


Resort Card

Give your guests our resort card when they check in and let them use it to make purchases during their stay! As they check out, guests settle the negative balance - It’s a simple way to promote spending! Givex can even design a specialty gift card for your industry - just give us a call.

Customer Satisfaction Card

We all make mistakes, but when it has a negative impact on a valued customer you need to act fast. Givex allows you financially compensate customers instantly with your own currency, so you are only compensating customers that actually come back. Create custom physical card groups and activate them within our online portal, and/or send e-certs that can be tracked separately from your gift card and/or e-gift program.


Card Services

Easy Fulfillment

Givex is the one-stop destination for all your gift card needs, including the fulfillment of your program. We have designed our in-house fulfillment facility around the specific needs of cards and collateral, including custom mailers, personalization, tight deadlines and assembly requirements.




At no extra cost, the Givex dashboard includes 250 easy to understand online reports to help you understand & analyze your business. All standard reports are generated in real-time 24/7 from the cloud. Reports may be run on demand or scheduled to run and delivered at future dates.


At no extra cost, the Givex dashboard includes 250 easy to understand online reports to help you understand & analyze your business. All standard reports are generated in real-time 24/7 from the cloud. Reports may be run on demand or scheduled to run and delivered at future dates.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our 24/7/365 multilingual Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. Support is also always accessible by phone, email and live internet chat.