Picture of Sergio Fernandes, a Givex Employee

What do you think is the best part of working at Givex?

The best part of working at Givex, without a doubt, is the incredible people you get to collaborate with every day. Over my 14 years with the company, I’ve formed bonds and friendships that feel more like family than just colleagues. That sense of camaraderie and support can make even the toughest challenges feel manageable and the biggest successes feel sweeter that, in my opinion, is what makes it truly special.

How does it feel to be a team leader at Givex?

Being a team leader at Givex is both exhilarating and demanding. One of the most rewarding aspects is seeing your team members grow and succeed. Whether it’s helping them develop new skills, guiding them through challenges, or simply being a supportive ear, knowing that you’ve played a part in their professional journey is incredibly fulfilling.

You must be adaptable and empathetic, understanding that what motivates and inspires one person may not necessarily resonate with another.

Creating a sense of belonging and fostering a positive work environment is paramount. People need to feel valued, heard, and supported to thrive. This means actively listening to their concerns, providing constructive feedback, and offering opportunities for growth and development.

When you see your team come together to achieve great things, all the challenges along the way are worth it.

In what ways has working at Givex as a Fulfillment Manager challenged you?

Working as a Fulfillment Manager at Givex has been a rollercoaster of challenges, but in the best possible way! One of the biggest challenges is managing the balance between meeting tight deadlines and maintaining quality standards. Ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time while also optimizing processes to improve efficiency requires careful planning and coordination. It’s like trying to spin plates while riding a unicycle!

Then there’s the people side of things, overseeing a team means navigating various personalities, strengths, and communication styles. It’s essential to foster a positive and collaborative work environment while also addressing any conflicts or issues that may arise.

Overall, being a Fulfillment Manager at Givex has challenged me to think critically, adapt quickly, and continuously strive for improvement in both me and the team.  

What does your day-to-day schedule look like working here?

My day-to-day schedule at Givex is never the same, and that’s what keeps things exciting!

Many people may not realize the intricacies involved in getting client orders out the door. From receiving the orders to preparing them for delivery, it’s a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

The emphasis on treating each order as if it were a gift being sent to a loved one is a beautiful perspective. It underscores the importance of not just meeting expectations but exceeding them, ensuring that every package leaves with care and quality.

My role in Fulfillment is not just about logistics; it’s about delivering exceptional experiences to clients and their recipients.

How has your past experience prepared you for your current role at Givex?

My past experience in various industries such as Banking, Telecom, Retail, and Finance has provided me with a well-rounded understanding of business administration and operations. Each sector brought its own set of challenges and opportunities, allowing me to develop versatile skills and insights that I now bring to my role at Givex.

Working in these different environments has taught me how to adapt quickly to new situations, think strategically, and effectively manage resources. These skills are essential for overseeing operations and ensuring that processes run smoothly and efficiently.

At this stage in your career, where do you see yourself within Givex in the next 3 years?

In the next three years, I visualise myself continuing to grow and make a significant impact within Givex. Given my experience and dedication to the company, I see myself taking on increasingly strategic roles that allow me to contribute to the organization’s long-term vision and success.

As Givex continues to innovate and grow, there will be many opportunities to take on new challenges and explore different facets of the business.  I am committed to continuing my journey with Givex and contributing to its ongoing success. With dedication, hard work, and a passion for excellence.

What made you interested in entering the tech industry? What about Givex made you specifically choose this company?

Givex specifically stood out to me because of its vibrant culture that encourages creativity and collaboration, its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of its operations, and the clear pathways it offers for professional growth and advancement. From the moment I learned about Givex, I knew it was the perfect place for me to thrive and make a meaningful impact.