With this new blog series, we take an inside look at Givex and the people behind the technology created to streamline your operations!

Here is our Vice President of HR, Alex Perez:

When I first started at Givex in 2006, my role was in fact an accountant in the Finance team. Becoming an accountant was an important part of my career path as Business Administration was my field of study. However, in 2008, I was offered a new opportunity in the Human Resources team. 12 years, different roles and lots of challenges later, I am now the VP of Human Resources. I work directly with our EVP and CEO to make sure we have the human capital required to reach and support our goals.

At the start of my career in HR, Givex was growing rapidly. With new products, new deals and new offices opening around the world, the recruiting team needed to fill the specific needs of each department quickly and effectively in a very short period of time.

That rush created the need for a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and gave me the opportunity to assist with the design, testing and implementation of what is now known as the RJar: our proprietary ATS that is plugged-in to our ToolJar.


The best part about my job is sourcing great talent and watching them grow in their new role. I have had the opportunity to see young recruits go from being nervous during the first interview to then becoming great leaders with entire teams under their belts. There is nothing more satisfying then making a long-term investment and seeing it grow year after year.

I truly believe there is still a lot of room for me to grow within my current role and I look forward to exploring every possibility within my passion before moving on to the next challenge.

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