The Challenge

Upgrading to a new EPOS, Lakeland sought to find a multichannel gift card provider that could accommodate their existing infrastructure and was fully integrated to their new system. Scalability was imperative for future growth plans so the technology had to be robust and capable of managing multiple functionalities. Among the requirements, the ability to support a fully multichannel gift card program, additional reporting and more administrative options, something that their previous EPOS lacked.

Our Solution

With Givex as the new provider Lakeland expanded their existing gift card offerings and introduced four new gift card designs for special occasions such including Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, and a Breakfast card. Personalized gift cards mark the recognition of a special milestone or event that deserves to be celebrated with a thoughtful offering. Designs, variety and innovation are an  important factor of sales increase for Lakeland and many other retailers as demonstrated by several gift card studies. Givex also offers an extensive range of reports that allow Lakeland to track the transactional history and performance of their program by card group, or naming convention. Reports simplify reconciliation and helps differentiate a corporate gift card transaction from a special occasion card.

Always look after the customer and the business will look after itself.


The Results

Choosing Givex allowed us to seamlessly introduce gift cards across our retail stores, followed by all other UK channels shortly afterwards. Lakeland now have a solution that is not only fit for purpose today but is future proof across all UK channels. In particular the close integration Givex have with our current EPOS provider simplified the introduction of gift cards significantly into our retail stores.