Mastering Restaurant Efficiency: Technology for Labor Shortages & Retention

Explore how technology is reshaping the restaurant industry, combatting labor shortages, and boosting employee retention. Discover innovative solutions that optimize operations, training, and improve the dining experience. Embrace the future with GivexPOS.

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This is how Givex client Meltwich won the labor shortage war:

  • Leveraging Givex’s streamlined technology to reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.
  • Implementing innovative automation solutions, such as self-ordering kiosks, to ease staffing pressures.
  • Utilizing data insights from Givex’s POS system to optimize staff scheduling and improve workforce management.
  • Enhancing the employee experience with the help of Givex, leading to increased staff retention and satisfaction amid labor shortages.

* Meltwich is a 40-unit fast casual concept in USA and Canada

Efficiency Unleashed: How Givex Has Helped Restaurants Innovate

How We Have Helped Our Clients

  • GivexPOS serves as the perfect all-in-one solution for our POS, reporting and gift card program. It was easy to train staff on the new system and has created operational efficiencies for our business.

    Lone Star Group

  • We were very impressed with GivexPOS as an enterprise system with multifaceted capabilities. It eliminates the need for multiple single function programs.

    Fannie May

  • We are very happy with the work Givex has done and would recommend them to any business looking for a well-managed and customized gift card program.

    Recipe Unlimited

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