Givex Rewards

Omnichannel shopper engagement for independent retail grocers. Our customer marketing solutions help grocery retailers engage hard-to-reach shopper segments.

Community Rewards Digital media

Givex Rewards Features

AI-Personalized Offers

AI-driven personalization delivers ads and offers designed to appeal to your shoppers.

Tiers & Points

Higher earning tiers and custom program features to encourage customer engagement.

Fuel Programs

Fuel rewards programs drive visits from cost-conscious customers and provide opportunities for additional spend.


Integrated with Double-Up-Food-Bucks and other public programs.

Digital Coupons

Digital coupons delivered right to your shoppers’ phones for instant redemption.

Email, Social Media, Apps

Reach customers over any channel. We deliver your program over email, social media, text and even build custom websites and apps for independent grocers.

Campaign Analysis

Our experts help manage your program while offering insights and expertise to improve KPIs.

Your All-in-one Solution to Combat Shopper Churn

Our platform gives you the data insights and technology to drive growth and profitability while keeping costs low.

  • Growth

    Drive more shopper visits and profits.

  • Customer Engagement

    Reward your best shoppers while motivating others to move into higher spending tiers.

  • Shopper Loyalty

    Keep customers shopping with you.

We couldn’t be happier to continue our relationship with Givex. To continue to leverage Givex Rewards’ capabilities from traditional loyalty program essentials like points and fuel programs to matching vendor deals with shopper history, personalized coupons and more helps us drive sales for our member retailers.

– Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG)

Community Rewards

Loyalty Lane is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that focuses on increasing the bottom-line of its clients by driving customers back into their stores.

Our Loyalty Programs are proven to increase customer frequency, average basket size, and profits.

Rewards Management

The program is easy.

Customers purchase products. Each time they identify themselves in the lane with their rewards card or phone number, you then have the opportunity to market to customers based on their unique purchase behavior. Your customers enjoy real time special incentives each time they shop. Customers return to your store to purchase more products to earn more rewards. Our system works in real time with your POS so we are able to process rewards transactions instantly, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Using our proprietary program, it is proven your customers return to shop more often, spend more, and leave with larger baskets.

POS Integration

We’re often recognized for our high-quality POS integrations, a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. Our program requires no new hardware, keeping your costs low, as it works with your existing POS software. We work with a number of POS and Technology Partners, and we are constantly developing new real-time connections with popular POS platforms. We work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.

Email Marketing

With our state of the art Dashboard we put you in the drivers seat with tools that give you the ability to market to your customers. You’ll have access to review and analyze shopper data in real time and make determinations on personalized offers. As you monitor customers in segments you can direct offers to them through multiple channels. By using the customers personalized data our rewards program produces results, on average our retailers see an increase in basket size of 35% by those enrolled in the program vs. those who are not.

Real Time Reporting

Can you identify your top 5 customers? With our program you can!

You can easily produce multiple easy to read reports in seconds, helping you make more focused decisions, enhancing the value of the program in your store. Real time reporting allows you to identify each sku your customer purchases, giving you greater ability to recognize your most loyal customers, as well as creating more. Our team offers years of marketing expertise helping you interpret the reports and design a targeted marketing effort to reach your shoppers.

Integration Partners

We have 1100+ integrations to best-of-breed solutions so you can use the third party of your choice with Givex.

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Digital Media

Our suite of services will strengthen your brand in the ever-evolving digital landscape. From a user-friendly mobile app to dynamic digital signage that engages your customers in real time to impactful text messaging and more, we offer a variety of affordable solutions that easily integrate with your business goals.

Mobile App & Website

  • Affordable, appealing website solution for stores and store chains of any size
  • Free mobile app included with the website, or upgrade to a custom app
  • Seamlessly integrates with digital coupon and e-commerce providers
  • Simplify shopping with our app’s pantry scanner and shopping list
  • National digital coupons, store ads, recipes, and more in one place

Email Marketing

  • Save time with easy-to-use automated tools
  • Customize emails for exclusive offerings
  • Boost sales with compelling promotions
  • Foster customer loyalty with informative updates
  • Gain insights for better marketing strategies

Digital Signage

Increase profits with dynamic digital ad signage on in-store displays, websites, and/or mobile apps. Generate revenue from national and local ads, catering to in-store and online shoppers. We can also put digital coupons behind web and mobile app ads. Enjoy the benefits of customizable templates, a vast royalty-free graphics library, and an easy-to-use system. Our proprietary DVR player is robust, remotely programmable, compact, and compatible with any screen. Contact us for more information.

Text Messaging

Boost your business with our impactful, cost-effective text messaging program that increases foot traffic through time-sensitive deals and promotions. Hassle-free information delivery and user-friendly features like creating your own offers and scheduling texts empower your business for success. Plus, our program lets you market efficiently on a limited budget. This program includes a text messaging number setup.

Social Media

Our affordable Social Octane Facebook posting program boasts licensed images, easy content personalization, and a scheduling tool. Pre-made Facebook posts save you time, freeing you to focus on business operations. Regularly scheduled posts enhance online visibility, expanding your reach and drawing customers to your store. Appealing visuals and expertly crafted content drive higher engagement, generating likes and shares. Plus, strategic planning is made simple – seamlessly align promotional and recipe-related posts with seasons and holidays.

Options Without Constraints

We don’t limit your integration options. If your provider isn’t already integrated with Givex, we work with you to get them set up.

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