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Inventory Control 
Track inventory at each of your stores in real-time with Vexilor. Measure your theoretical stock based on your sales, see when the last physical stock count was taken and what was on hand at that time. Receive, transfer and update inventory in-store or online and perform inventory counts. Vexilor supports Cycle and Full Inventory counts from both the POS and from the online Portal. Automatically reorder depleted inventory with Vexilor’s built in low inventory thresholds and purchasing module.

Confection Retail Options
Vexilor has a highly advanced solution designed specifically for Confection businesses. Unlike competitors, every aspect of the POS, including inventory, scale integrations, bar code scanner integrations and automated discounting, has been developed in partnership with a live Confection client. 

Intuitive User Interface
To minimize training time and improve employee speed and accuracy, we’ve designed Vexilor’s interface to be simple and intuitive, incorporating elements like traffic light design. 

Built to Scale
Vexilor is designed to grow with your business, eliminating the need for costly POS upgrades as you expand. Vexilor includes enterprise features that you can access across your whole business or by multiple locations, brand, franchisee group, or even store. 
Customer-Facing Screens
A second tablet facing the customer displays advertising messages, current promotions and greets your loyal customers

Complete Redundancy

Never worry about your POS going down. Givex can provide twinned Vexilor systems to give you complete redundancy on-site.

Return & Exchange

Vexilor comes loaded with all the features you need to get up and running right away, such as merchandise return and exchange capability. 

Employee Contests

Games and contests encourage staff to up-sell, promote specific items, or increase their items per ticket - driving sales for your business. Vexilor gamification tracks sales of contest items and compares employee standings in real time on the POS leaderboard.


Automatic Discounts
Setup promotions and connect them to discounts so that your operators don’t waste time navigating through a maze of multiple discount options. Discounts get applied based on the purchase automatically in real-time. 

Manual Discounts

Discounts are manually applied but require manager approvals, preventing fraud and misuse. 

Discounts Integrated to Rewards
Issue free rewards to customers that can be used to get a discount on the purchase of targeted products.
Source & Target Discounting
Buy any of the following to get a discount with your purchase. Get a free leather cleaning kit with every purchase of leather boots. 

Dynamic Coupons
Drive customer spending with dynamic coupons. Print a unique coupon bar code directly onto each customer’s receipt. Configurable options include requiring a minimum purchase to receive or redeem the coupon. 


Comprehensive Reporting
Vexilor collects data from every aspect of your operation, providing you with the business intelligence you need to make better decisions.

Interactive Reports 
Get graphical visualizations of your data and configure graphs to compare different stores and time periods. These new reporting tools help you make sense of your data. 
Operator Statistics 
See real-time stats on your team’s performance no matter where you are. 


Speed to Deploy
Clients have switched to Vexilor because hands-down we are so much faster than our competition at setting up complicated systems and getting them into the store. 

Your Own Support Team
Leave system administration to us and get back to running your business. For operators who don’t have the time or resources to manage item databases, pricing changes or setup new menu items, we provide a Managed Services Team that serves as your own outsourced group of administrators. Clients appreciate this service as it frees up their own resources and gets tasks accomplished with greater efficiency and optimization. 
24/7 Support
Our 24/7/365 multilingual Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. Support is also always accessible by phone, email and live internet chat. Training for your new POS is included.