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V10 Tablet POS

Our Flagship Tablet

Designed to be mountable, the V10 tablet works as a powerful fixed workstation. It has a built-in camera for scanning bar codes and QR codes, redeeming coupons, and a built-in card swipe for gift and loyalty cards.  
V10 Tablet Point of Sale

V7 Tablet POS

Vexilor On The Go

Designed to be mobile, the compact V7 tablet uses WiFi so staff can place orders from anywhere on-site. Data is routed immediately to production area printers and/or payment terminal.
V7 Tablet Point of Sale


The Brains of the Operation

The VHub compiles and stores data from the tablets which is then synchronized with our remote host ‘cloud’ in real-time via the internet. Your POS works even when the internet is down. Tablets still communicate with the VHub, and once the internet connection is re-established, the VHub will sync again with the cloud. The VHub keeps the entire Vexilor system running, and is the brain and hardware behind features like Vexilor’s real-time capabilities, notifications to managers based on events, and allowing operators to pick up an order where they left off on a different POS.
Vhub Tablet Point of Sale server

V7 Charging Dock

The V7 Charging Dock is designed to effortlessly charge up to 4 mobile tablets while keeping them within easy reach using patented technology. LED indicators make it easy to see which units are available, and the cradle design makes it easy for staff to charge their units between orders since there are no wires to deal with. 

V7 Tablet POS charging dock

Customer Facing Screens

Both the V7 Tablet and the V10 Tablet can be customized to use a customer facing screen set up. Customers can easily see items from their purchase, and the customer-facing screens can also be configured to show current promotions or advertisements for the location.
Vexilor POS customer facing screen


Vexilor was designed to work with a variety of industry leading peripherals including cash drawers, printers, mounting equipment, payment terminals, bar code scanner, scales, kitchen display systems, and more. Givex also offers peripherals as a package with Vexilor.  
Vexilor POS Peripherals

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