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Operational Efficiency

Pick up the pace of your operations easily with Vexilor POS. Multi-unit support, built-in time management, and industry-specific linear workflows are designed to make operations more efficient.

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Embedded Marketing

Access marketing tools right on your POS. Omni-channel gift cards, loyalty programs, promotions and surveys seamlessly work together to influence customer behavior.

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Actionable Data

Tie together every facet of your business with Vexilor’s data mining. Learn about spending patterns, product/service popularity, employee efficiency and more to make informed business decisions.

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Quick, Industry-Intuitive Workflows

Vexilor is customized to specific industries and features tools, reports, workflows and functions designed for the way your business works. Unlike other POS systems, Vexilor can also be further customized for specialized requirements.
Vexilor POS industry workflows
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Multi-store inventory control

Vexilor gives you in-depth inventory control. Track multi-store inventory in real-time, measure your theoretical stock based on your sales, receive, transfer and update inventory in-store or online and perform inventory counts — all on your POS. Automatically reorder depleted inventory with Vexilor’s built in low inventory thresholds and purchasing module.

Designed to make all your inventory tracking easy and automatic
Vexilor Inventory Point of Sale
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Flexible Table Layouts

If you’re a restaurateur, imagine being able to see your entire restaurant’s activities from your POS. Your staff can merge tables, switch table numbers, see table availability and more - all in real time!

Point of Sale Tablet Layouts Vexilor
Replicate the layout of your restaurant with ease!
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Hardware Made for Doing Business

Vexilor runs on proprietary hardware and software custom developed and manufactured for business environments by Givex. Vexilor tablets run on a custom built Android OS using a thin client front end, and our ecosystem is secure and dedicated to its business purpose. Front-line staff and business owners worked closely with Givex in developing Vexilor to ensure we built a solution to meet each industry’s unique needs and challenges. Givex provides installation and maintenance plans.

See All Vexilor Hardware

Vexilor runs on proprietary hardware to get the most out of our platform
Vexilor Point Of Sale Hardware
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Cube Analytics

With our cube analytics platform you can slice and dice your data on a single dashboard. The cube based approach gives you multi-dimensional analysis so you can view data from many different perspectives and get fast answers to your analytics questions!

POS Analytics

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Secure out of the box

Givex provides security compliance without the hassle.

  • Certified PCI level 1
  • Daily data backups & replication
  • 24/7 systems monitoring & Support
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The Guide to POS Security

Why do you need a secure Point of Sale?
Check out the Givex guide
to POS Security to find out.

Download the Guide

Plus much, much more

With over a hundred powerful features, Vexilor is the best option for your point of sale.

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Givex powers over 300,000 installations

here's what our customers have to say

We were very impressed with Vexilor as an enterprise system with multifaceted capabilities. It eliminates the need for multiple single function programs. Instead we simply use Vexilor to manage various tasks from measuring inventory levels to sales reporting

- Joe Pititto VP, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Fannie May Confections Brands, Inc.
Fannie May

Givex has a global reach which will be advantageous to us as we grow. We will have their expertise in operating in foreign markets at our disposal as well as the best practices they collect on how to operate EPOS in different areas. Beyond this Givex has a great pedigree in the market. When you partner with them you partner with quality.

-Daniel Spinath Crepeaffaire

Vexilor serves as the perfect all-in-one solution for our POS, reporting and gift card program. It was easy to train staff on the new system and has created operational efficiencies for our business. The remote access of portal combined with Vexilor’s built-in reporting tools has freed up executive time, so we can focus on other areas of business development.

- Bob Macey IT Manager, Lone Star Group
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