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Packaged Programs

Spend Based Program

Start identifying and segmenting your customer base by tracking and then rewarding them based on their spend with you. Deliver real-time points rewards at the time of purchase from any of your sales channels. Use our Member Tiers to provide unique privileged rewards to your most valued customers, while using targeted incentives to encouraged casual customers to be more loyal.

SKU/Product Based Program

Specific products or services may be more profitable than others within your business, and collecting SKU based purchasing info with your loyalty program provides an understanding of which customers are buying them, and which are not. Using Givex’s Online Reporting you can quickly provide incentives for those customers not currently purchasing them, while providing unique rewards to those who are.

Frequency Program

Often in fast paced, lower margin businesses, the most important information on the customer is if they keep coming every day.  Not long ago the most cost effective solution for this was thought to be the paper punch card, however as businesses grew, so did the fraud. On the Givex Platform fraud is no longer possible, as transactions with unique Givex numbers are verified in real time, and can be tracked all the way down to the POS operator level.  Rewards are also given and redeemed in real time making the experience for both the merchant and the customer fast and simple


Interactive Loyalty Website - Customer Web Suite 3.0

With 3.0 the design and management is all taken care of by Givex. Have your loyalty website up and running during the same implementation time as one of our packaged loyalty programs. You provide us your brand colors, logo and images, and we do the rest.

Increase program participation with this central website for customers to enroll in your program, check their account balances/progress to the next reward level, view available rewards and even redeem rewards. Make it convenient for customers to use the program, increasing their spending and visits, while reducing your own administrative workload.

  • Online enrollment: Allow customers to register online at their convenience. The online form can be customized to collect the demographic, contact and survey data you desire.
  • Email Address Verification: After enrolling, the system can send a verification email to the customer’s email address. The customer clicks on a link in the email to confirm the accuracy of their email address, improving the usefulness of your database.
  • Loyalty Balance Check: Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they see how close they are to the next reward level.
  • Reward Redemption: Customers can view the rewards they qualify for and redeem them using points. Givex manages fulfillment.

Interactive Loyalty Website - Fully Customized Web Suite 6.0

With 6.0, you have complete control over the look and feel of your web pages and can customize your website to match any branding or design needs. 6.0 uses standards-based template markup to give you perfect control of page layouts and designs down to the last pixel. This includes support for HTML5 / CSS3 enabling sites using responsive design. 6.0 never locks you into predefined templates or themes. You can design and build the exact web experience you know your customers want – and our service teams can help.

Version 6.0 provides you all of the functionality of 3.0 plus features such as:

Content Creation: Using our “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor, you can see exactly what your web pages will look like before they are published to the live website.

Content Scheduling: Set the exact time and date that your campaigns go live. No need to schedule your activities in conjunction with IT or require someone to be in the office to “push the button”. Release content whenever you are ready, from wherever you are.

Digital Asset Management: Store all your content in an easy to use file system, just like the one on your computer. Reuse the same content in as many places as you need it or for every site you manage, without having to store multiple copies.

Lead Capture: With an integrated subscriber management system you can capture leads and create custom attributes to track the types of data you need for proper market segmentation. 6.0 provides the tools to segment your leads within the system and provides you with the ability to send targeted marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

CRM: 6.0 is fully connected to the Givex Platform, right out of the box. Reduce missed communication opportunities by ensuring that the information you capture gets to your marketing team and can be acted on. Everything is automatically updated to keep your ongoing marketing activities relevant. Other CRM systems can also be supported via our Web Services API.

Gated Website Sections: You don’t necessarily want everything on your website to be accessible to the public. 6.0 allows you to gate web pages, microsites or even entire sections of your website and make them available only to registered users. This makes it ideal for member-only or franchise resource libraries. Managing usernames and passwords is all handled automatically.

Reward Types

Points + Promo Code

Give rewards that connect with your objectives. Set up rewards for referring customers, according to store groups, number of visits, day of the week or even time of the day. We have a variety of reward types that align with your business objectives.

Points Conversion to Local Currency

One of our more popular reward types is the ability to either automatically convert earned points into local currency once a certain threshold is reached or driving loyal customers to your loyalty management website where they can convert the points themselves. This method is preferred for businesses that do not have time to maintain a reward redemption site.

Charity Based

With our platform you can give customers the option of donating a portion or all of their rewards towards a charity of choice. Showcase your brand's caring side and appeal to increasingly altruistic consumers.

Action Based

Sometimes actions are more important than anything else. For instance providing rewards for joining one of your social media campaigns, or visiting your new location, Our platform allows you to set rules not just on spend, but can tie into actions you are trying to promote to your loyal customer base. 

Lucky Winner Rewards

Want to keep you program fresh and your loyalty members excited? Lucky winner rewards allow you to do just that, by providing selected rewards to a random or defined segment of loyalty program members in real time at the POS or online. Advertise these campaigns with a limited time availability and track the success of this rewards type in real time from your online reporting portal.   


Reporting: Givex Portal

Givex has over 250 reports on gift and loyalty programs, included as part of our standard solution. Accessible via our administrative portal, these reports cover every aspect of your program’s performance. Reports contain real-time data so you have up-to-the-second information. Generate reports 24/7 or set them to generate automatically on a pre-set schedule and be delivered to a secure ftp or email address. Customize permission settings so each member of your organization will only have access to the data they should have. Choose from multiple file formats and many options when generating reports, such as date range, currency, merchant and more.

Admin: 300+ Permissions 

Our intelligent portal is set up to keep your loyalty program data secure and confidential. With over 300 permissions, your employees only have access to information relating to their specific job function, you don't have to worry about sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.


Through our real time reporting portal you are able to extract information regarding your loyalty program to understand specific areas of interest. With our analytics engine powered by Qlik you can now begin to mix information to explore trends, predict performance and create prescriptive actions to improve the impact of your program with each customer segment. 

Customer Segmentation

This crucial yet often changing process of customer segmentation is the key to any loyalty program. Using the trusted parameters of a customer's recency, frequency and monetary value to your business continue to be the most utilized way to understand your customer base. Once you have your customer base segmented you are then able to communicate, engage and reward each customer in a more relevant and targeted way. 

Member Tiers

Once you have the data or even the parameters for the types of loyal customers who want to target and communicate to separately, it's time to create your Tiers. These tiers allow your customers to automatically earn something extra once they qualify, giving them a goal to reach and keeping your loyalty program interesting.


24/7 Support

Our 24/7/365 multilingual Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. Support is also always accessible by phone, email and live internet chat.


Our in-house Program Managers work with your team continuously. We provide training on our intelligent portal and ensure you have all the knowledge you need to independently administer your program whenever you want.

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