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Acquisition Marketing

Understanding costs for acquiring new customers is the crucial first step, the second is to ensure you're maximizing each initiative. Our tools provide proven cost efficient methods, while giving you the ability to measure their effectiveness in real time.

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Retail success now involves your ability to engage with consumers wherever they are, in-store, online and on whatever device they may be using. Our platform seamlessly connects to all your sales channels, and our tools are usable on any device.

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Actionable Business Intelligence.

Whether it’s a profitability analysis, forecasting, marketing initiative validation or understanding who your most profitable customers are, the Givex platform provides the data you need to better understand your operations, so you can take action.

A Retail Success Story: The Gift Card

Today Gift Cards are a $124 billion a year industry, why?

Since 1999 we have seen the traditional Gift Card continue to evolve. Not only have they become a preferred gift during the busiest retail calendar days such as Christmas, they are also increasing sales during the rest of the year for occasions like Mother's and Father's Day to Graduations and Baby Showers. Today's last minute shoppers and tech savvy consumers have also made the digital version of the classic gift card known as an E-gift Card, a must-have for multi channel retailers. In 2014, four days before Christmas, 88% of total holiday gift card sales were in the form of e-gift cards. The lucrative wedding industry also found a connection with gift cards, with retailers using our platform to create Wedding Registry Cards and more personal Gift Card options with the SKU Gift Card. Innovations have also gone beyond the traditional business-to-consumer sale, as retailers now work with local to global companies to utilize their gift cards as Corporate Incentives for employees, and/or selling their branded cards in Gift Card Malls.

Are you getting the most out of your gift card program?

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Loyalty, make it personal.

The days of simply rewarding every customer with the same points & rewards are now in the past, today we are seeing a more personal conversation between the retailer and their customers.

Retailers are now required to understand much more about their customers' preferences and current buying patterns, in order to ensure communications are relevant, incentives work, and rewards are truly valued. Combine that challenge with customers' concerns about personal privacy, and we can see why retailers look to a proven platform like Givex's, to develop and implement a loyalty program specifically for their brand.

The ability to manage these programs without a huge amount of human resources has also become a key component, especially when going through tougher economic times. Our online Reporting and Analytics portal with over 250 reports and 300+ admin and security permissions provides the tools required to efficiently manage and track the success of your program in real time. All connected to our robust Platform where our PCI Level 1 Certification gives you the peace of mind your customers' data is protected.

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Our Vexilor POS for Retail

Built on the same robust platform that has processed billions of transactions, we have developed a feature rich Android based POS system for Retail. Using custom made tablets specifically for Givex, retailers can now move from their Legacy POS system without compromising system reliability, while implementing a POS that takes full advantage of the technology advancements of today.    

Vexilor comes fully equipped to handle all of the unique challenges of retail businesses. Powerful workstations can be configured to industry needs, including:

  • keying in or looking up items
  • scanning to place orders using bar codes
  • weighing goods on an integrated scale to sell items by weight or volume.
  • Taking or receiving inventory directly from the handheld tablet
  • Creating next week's purchase order from Givex portal website.
Portable V7 tablets can also be used on the sales floor to break up lines and its ability to put orders on hold for cash-out at a later time makes it an ideal tool for expediting orders during busy times.

Vexilor's fast and intuitive, sleek looks and small footprint, combined with its embedded gift card and loyalty functionality make it the perfect all in one solution for retail locations.
A Vexilor 10-inch tablet, 7-inch tablet, Vhub and a charging dock holding four 7" tablets

POS Integrations and Partners

With hundreds of integrations and strategic partners connecting to our platform through our API service on a global scale, you can be assured our tools and your data are always accessible and adaptable within your existing environment. 
Givex connected to many partners via integrations

Digital Promotion Tools

While you increase customer acquisition through your gift card program, and encourage a better relationship with your customers through your loyalty program, promotional campaigns are used to drive activity during specific time periods, for specific products and services, across all or designated sales channels.

Whether it’s sending limited time discounts or a free product/service that targets those lapsed customers, or a Refer-a-Friend promotion that encourages personal referrals, The Givex platform allows you to create, manage and report on the success of each in real time.

A gift box popping open and discounts, customer acquisition and other promotions flying out

Reporting and Analytics

While your Gift Card, Loyalty and Promotional Programs continue to engage with your customer base, and your POS system is feeding you crucial information regarding your operational efficiency and more, you now need to convert that data into action. From customer segmentation based on criteria such as recency, frequency and monetary value all the way to employee performance, Givex's standard reporting with over 250+reports combined with the best in breed Analytics engine allows you to quickly make sense of the invaluable data you are collecting.

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here's what our customers have to say

Givex was great to work with and their included comprehensive reporting gave us advanced functionality and financial data that our previous supplier could not provide. The support team at Givex, whether it is in reports or technical questions, is always available, more than willing to help and does a great job doing so.

- Johannes Bäckblom POS and Payment Solutions Specialist, Clas Ohlson
Clas Ohlson

The Givex solution offered us the chance to ‘future-proof’ our investment, covering any expansion in the UK and Europe we had planned. The team we dealt with during pre-sales and scope gave us the confidence we needed to make a decision to move forward.

- Phil Barker Head of IT, American Golf
American Golf

The Costa Coffee Club loyalty program more than pays for itself!

- George Gee Loyalty Manager, Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee
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