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Acquisition Marketing

Understanding your costs in both time and money for acquiring new customers is the crucial first step, the second is to ensure you are maximizing each initiative. Our tools provide proven cost efficient methods, while giving you the ability in real time to measure their effectiveness.

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Segment. Communicate. Reward.

Using the tools available on the Givex Platform you are now able to segment your customers based on their value to your business. Segmenting groups of customers based on recency, frequency and monetary value allow you to create mutually beneficial rewards and incentives for each.

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Actionable Business intelligence.

Whether it’s profitability analysis, forecasting, marketing initiative validation or understanding who your most profitable customers are, the Givex platform provides the data you need to better understand your operations, and enable you to make better decisions.

The Most Powerful Customer Referral: The Gift Card

In 1999 Givex began its Gift Card services assisting restaurants in eliminating the fraud seen with paper gift certificates, while at the same time creating a more customer friendly product, that could be safely merchandised to increase their sales. Today Gift Cards are a $124 billion a year industry

Since then we have seen the Gift Card continue to evolve. Last minute shoppers and tech savvy consumers have made the digital version of the card known as an E-gift Card, a must have for today’s modern restaurant. We have also seen an increase in the use of SKU Gift Cards, where restaurants are looking to promote a new menu item, or help modify the habits of their loyal customers from lunch-only patrons to include dinner. Innovations also began going beyond just business-to-consumer in order to further increase sales, as restaurants now work with local to global companies to use their cards as Corporate Incentives for their employees, and/or selling their branded cards in Gift Card Malls.

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Loyalty: How to maintain it has changed.

The days of simply rewarding every customer with the same points & rewards has now evolved into a more personal conversation between the customer and the restaurateur.

Customers although protective of their personal information, also understand providing their favorite establishments with more details about themselves and their personal preferences ensures they get recognized for their loyalty in the way they prefer.

For instance, Experience rewards, where VIP clients get access to new dishes before they are on the menu, are now replacing bonus points rewards. We also see SKU based discounts/incentives being used for less frequent customers to get them back more often. All of this is easily managed through our Online Portal, with over 300 Admin permissions, to ensure security is treated as importantly as our Platform's availability and support.

Whether you have designed your own program and are looking to implement or expand its current functionality, or if you would like to utilize a simple packaged option that gets you started, Givex has the Platform to meet your needs,

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Our Vexilor POS for Restaurants

Packed with industry-leading features that make day-to-day operation of a restaurant not only more efficient, but also more profitable. Vexilor was designed in partnership with front line users, restaurant owners and operators, and was built to handle all the rigours of the hospitality industry. Vexilor can be deployed as fixed workstations or handheld devices, enabling staff to place orders straight from the table and continue serving customers while orders are automatically routed to the kitchen or bar to be processed, drastically improving table turn times and order throughout. Vexilor also offers a number of workflows tailored to Restaurants and Bars to ensure your staff are not being held back by our system.

Vexilor 10-inch tablet, 7-inch tablet, Vhub and a charging dock with 4 7-inch tablets in it.

POS Integrations and Partners

With hundreds of integrations, and strategic partners connecting to our platform through our API service on a global scale, you can be assured our tools and your data are always accessible and adaptable within your existing environment. 

Givex connected to multiple partners via integrations

Digital Promotion Tools

While you increase customer acquisition through your gift card program, and encourage a better relationship with your customers through your loyalty program, promotional campaigns are used to drive activity during specific time periods, for specific products and services, across all or designated sales channels.

Whether it’s sending limited time discounts or a free product/service that targets those lapsed customers, or a Refer-a-Friend promotion that encourages personal referrals, The Givex platform allows you to create, manage and report on the success of each in real time.
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Reporting and Analytics

While your Gift Card, Loyalty and Promotional Programs continue to engage with your customer base, and your POS system is feeding you crucial information regarding your operational efficiency and more, you now need to convert that data into action. From customer segmentation based on criteria such as recency, frequency and monetary value all the way to employee performance, Givex's standard reporting with over 250+reports combined with the best in breed Analytics engine allows you to quickly make sense of the invaluable data you are collecting.

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Givex powers over 300,000 Installations

here's what our customers have to say

With Givex automating many aspects of the program, it was easy for franchisees to push gift cards and reap the benefits.


We needed a fairly complex gift card program developed and implemented in a short amount of time and Givex took on that challenge with enthusiasm. They created The Ultimate Dining Card program and met all our requirements in doing so. They took on the complex elements of the project such as transitioning from the Bon Appetit Card to the new Ultimate Dining Card and creating customized B2B and B2C websites for us. We are very happy with the work Givex has done and would recommend them to any business looking for a well-managed and customized gift card program.

- Chantelle Vanelli Cara Operations
Cara Operations

Vexilor serves as the perfect all-in-one solution for our POS, reporting and gift card program. It was easy to train staff on the new system and has created operational efficiencies for our business. The remote access of portal combined with Vexilor’s built-in reporting tools has freed up executive time, so we can focus on other areas of business development.

- Bob Macey IT Manager, Lone Star Group
Lone Star Texas Grill
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