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Speed of Service

Speed of service is crucial. Reduced line ups attract new customers, while retaining loyal ones. Our tools for acquiring and retaining customers never interfere with speed of service, instead allow your customers to perform transactions with you faster, while providing you with the actionable data to help you better understand and meet their needs.

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Go Digital. Go Mobile.

Your customers are already using their mobile devices to make their lives more convenient, so connecting and engaging with them in the digital world has become essential. From mobile payments, online ordering, to interactive Gift and Loyalty program websites, our Platform provides you the tools to go fully digital now.


Business Intelligence

In fast paced environments it's often easy to miss the details that can make operations smoother and customers increasingly loyal. We provide a platform that allows you collect critical operational info, as well as enabling you to implement marketing initiatives that can be monitored in real time.

Digital Cash - Gift Cards Evolved

Gift Cards were once thought of as a tool only successfully used by retailers and large restaurant chains. Time has proven that concept wrong. Today QSR businesses around the world are using the same technology not only as an important customer referral tool, but also to increase payment transaction speeds, and increase their loyal customer base at the same time.

For instance converting the Gift Card recipient; or Stored Value Card user, into a Loyalty card holder right at the POS with the Combo Card. Also Corporate Incentives have become a big within QSR, as businesses use gift cards as less formal thank yous to their employees or a customer service tool for their customers. Looking to promote a new menu item? Use a SKU Gift Card that can only be used for that specific item, Send it in card form or electronically, to your most loyal/profitable customers and have them spread the word afterwards.

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Loyalty - How can you increase it?

Your loyal customers know what they like, and that you deliver it. However, are those same loyal customers only visiting during the week, and not on weekends? Are they loyal because you are close to their place of work, but not visiting a location of yours near their home? Who are those customers that are coming in less frequently? What is stopping them from being more loyal to your business?

Whether you are looking to replace an existing manual paper punch card system for a modern mobile friendly Frequency Program, or have designed your own custom loyalty program to blow away the competition, our Loyalty platform has the solutions. We help you understand your customer base and their buying behavior better.

No need to worry about the time it used to take to administer a loyalty program either. With our interactive website we call Customer WebSuite (CWS)  that is built to match your branding, loyal customers have the ability to manage their account themselves. Start understanding and communicating more personally to your customers today!

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A POS built for QSR

Speed and accuracy are extremely important in the Quick Service industry. Vexilor has industry tailored work flows to meet your unique needs including QSR, take-out and drive-thru screen modes. Features like Combo Items, Rapid Quantity Orders, Color Coded Items and our Quick Cash Out workflow ensure your employees can work at their maximum efficiency to keep your customers satisfied without all the confusing overhead of a hard-to-use POS.

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POS Integrations and Partners

With hundreds of integrations, and strategic partners connecting to our platform through our API service on a global scale, you can be assured our tools and your data are always accessible and adaptable within your existing environment. 
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Digital Promotion Tools

While you increase customer acquisition through your gift card program, and encourage a better relationship with your customers through your loyalty program, promotional campaigns are used to drive activity during specific time periods, for specific products and services, across all or designated sales channels.

Whether it’s sending limited time discounts or a free product/service that targets those lapsed customers, or a Refer-a-Friend promotion that encourages personal referrals, the Givex platform allows you to create, manage and report on the success of each in real time.

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Actionable Data: Reporting and Analytics

While your Gift Card, Loyalty and Promotional Programs continue to engage with your customer base, and your POS system is feeding you crucial information regarding your operational efficiency and more, you now need to convert that data into action. From customer segmentation based on criteria such as recency, frequency and monetary value all the way to employee performance, Givex's standard reporting with over 250+reports combined with the best in breed Analytic engine allows you to quickly make sense of the invaluable data you are collecting.

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here's what our customers have to say

The Costa Coffee Club loyalty programme more than pays for itself!

- George Gee Loyalty Manager, Costa Coffee Club
Costa Coffee

"Givex has a global reach which will be advantageous to us as we grow. We will have their expertise in operating in foreign markets at our disposal as well as the best practices they collect on how to operate EPOS in different areas. Beyond this Givex has a great pedigree in the market. When you partner with them you partner with quality."

Daniel Spinath Crepeaffaire

With Givex automating many aspects of the program, it was easy for franchisees to push gift cards and reap the benefits.

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