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Your Airline, Your Gift Card

What was once only available to travel agencies and travel websites is now working with the same fraud prevention functionality for Airlines. Let your loyal customers recommend your airline in the most powerful way possible, with your own branded Gift Card that can be redeemed online, at the airport or even in-flight.

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In-Flight Payments

Wi-fi is now becoming increasingly available on-board, and the impact during flights is a game changer. Finally accept payments in-flight for food and duty free to help increase sales. Integrate to the Givex Platform to include payments for in-flight entertainment. The possibilities are no longer limited.

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A Global Partner

Wherever your routes go, Givex is there to support you. Dynamic Currency Conversion and Multilingual Support are just some of the reasons why we we continue to grow with businesses and partners around the globe .

Gift Cards. A Powerful Tool for the Airline Industry

Gift cards have already proven to be a crucial tool for customer acquisition in other highly competitive industries, but because of previous technical limitations, the airline industry has not been able to access this technology in its full capacity. The UATP integration to the Givex Platform has now changed that.

Airlines now have the ability to allow their loyal customers to buy Gift Cards for friends and family they want to give the gift of travel to. No longer will they only have the option to go through travel agencies and online travel sites, they will be able to ensure the recipient receives the same service they enjoy when they travel.

However the Gift Card has many more uses as can be seen in other industries. For instance, our Wedding Registry Card functionality would allow groups of people to contribute funds towards a first class flight to the couples' honeymoon destination. Our Customer Satisfaction Card could be used when your customers are hit by unexpected delays, and even spent with local merchants within the airport or local hotels. 

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A gift card for the airline industry being applied to food, hotels, vacations, drinks and shopping

Finally, In-Flight Payments!

In the past, paying for Duty Free or any additional services while on the flight had its challenges. Payments in cash have been restricted, and with fluctuating currencies, international travelers hesitate to use their credit cards because of exchange rates and additional fees. With the recent integration that has UATP connected to the Givex Platform, Airlines now have the ability to provide a new payment method to travelers, as transactions are processed through an internet connection.

  • Travelers now have the ability to load a custom branded Stored Value Card at the airport or online, to use towards any purchase with your airline wherever UATP is operating, eliminating all previous restrictions, and therefore increasing in-flight sales.
  • Use a Customer Satisfaction Card that can be loaded in real time by approved airline staff to quickly resolve any unexpected issues a valued customer may have experienced,
  • Reward a valued customer with your own currency for kindly moving seats when asked, or volunteering to take the next flight. 

Several passengers in a plane. One of them is using in-flight payments

Our Global Presence and Yours

Our 24/7/365 multilingual Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. Support is also always accessible by phone, email and live Internet chat.

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Reporting and Analytics

While your Gift Card, Loyalty and Promotional Programs continue to engage with your customer base, and your POS system is feeding you crucial information regarding your operational efficiency and more, you now need to covert that data into action. From customer segmentation based on criteria such as recency, frequency and monetary value all the way to employee performance, Givex's standard reporting with over 250+reports combined with the best in breed Analytic engine allows you to quickly make sense of the invaluable data you are collecting.

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here's what our customers have to say

UATP recognized that Givex's global presence, dynamic currency conversion capabilities and their ease in working in multiple languages would suit our international client list. We also saw that their expertise in technology and over 15 years of experience would make them a reliable and resourceful partner.

-Ralph Kaiser President and CEO, UATP

We are very pleased with our existing partnership with Givex. They helped us to launch our electronic gift card program and continue to maintain it today. By moving to electronic gift cards, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts was able to provide customers with an easy to get, easy to give gifting solution that meets the needs of recipients worldwide. Eliminating paper certificates helped to increase sales and reduce administrative costs and manual reconciliation.

- Brian Richardson VP, Brand Marketing & Communication, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Marriott brand Gift Cards are the perfect way for Marriott fans to introduce their friends and family to the gift of travel. Redeemable at over 3,600 Marriott International hotels worldwide, they give the recipient a world of possibilities.

- Leigh Anne Ambrose Senior Director Marketing, Marriott
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