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Know someone who could use gift cards, Vexilor POS or a loyalty program? Refer them to Givex and we’ll reward you when they make a sale.

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Additional Notes

Referrals will expire if no activity or disposition occurs within 90 days. Any disputes will be handled in accordance with our referral dispute policy.

For Referrals:
  • All merchants referred to a Givex Account Manager will be contacted within two business days.
For Leads:
  • Givex reserves the right to decline the merchant lead within five business days if already (actively pursuing/in discussions) with said merchant.
  • Should the lead be accepted, Givex will not sell directly to the Merchant, unless no progress has been made within ninety days.
  • Givex cannot prevent other dealers from selling to a merchant even if the lead has been accepted by Givex.
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