China’s The Press Innovates with a Mobile Vexilor MPOS

SHENZHEN - November 18, 2015 - 
The Press, a café chain founded on the principle that talks over coffee can foster discussion, collaboration and innovation, has implemented Vexilor MPOS in its two locations in China. The Vexilor POS system combines traditional distributed computing with the Givex cloud and simple elegant customised Android tablets to provide reliable, secure and innovative data management to small and large merchants. It bridges the gap between limited capability apps and legacy POS systems which require expensive security updates and don’t evolve with the merchant’s needs. 

The Press aims to provide a beautifully designed space and top quality beverages to facilitate new ideas and ventures. As such The Press was looking for a MPOS provider who matched their spirit of innovation and growth and a MPOS system whose design would match their fashionable interior design. Givex were the ideal MPOS provider for this need.

Vexilor MPOS’s sleek tablets can be either stationed at a check-out counter or carried around by employees for on the spot order processing. Portable Vexilor tablets will allow The Press staff to place orders from anywhere on The Press premises with data being routed immediately to the production areas and payment terminals. The MPOS will allow The Press staff to cut down on wait times during rush periods and allow staff to go wherever customers are seated. The Vexilor POS system comes with a built-in camera for easy scanning of bar codes, QR codes, mobile apps or coupons allowing The Press to stay caught up with their technologically advanced customer-base’s payment preferences.

“Vexilor is giving us everything we wanted, from loyalty to gift card processing to a reliable MPOS in a sleek and attractive hardware package that complements our decor and design sensibility. We are very happy with the way Vexilor MPOS is reducing wait times and pleasing our tech-savvy customers,” said Jack Feng, General Manager of The Press.

“Vexilor MPOS can quickly process orders and give in-depth data on consumer spending patterns across The Press’s locations without requiring the bulky hardware of an older POS system. As such The Press enjoys the extensive set of features that are traditionally found in a legacy system within the compact and beautifully designed hardware of our Vexilor POS tablets,” said Clayton Gray, Managing Director of Sales, China of Givex.

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