Vexilor POS Serves up Pizza in China

SHENZHEN, CHINA - June 8, 2015 - 
Vexilor POS was chosen by Pizza Simona, a new pizza vendor, as their POS of choice. Vexilor POS combines traditional distributed computing with the Givex cloud and simple elegant customised Android tablets to provide reliable, secure and innovative data management to small and large merchants. It bridges the gap between limited capability apps and legacy POS systems which require expensive security updates and don’t evolve with the merchant’s needs. 

As an independent business Pizza Simona will benefit from an integrated POS solution which also allows them to use a Givex loyalty program. Pizza Simona, will receive data on who their best spenders are, and be able to reward them easily through a points based system. All this will be processed seamlessly through their Vexilor POS which they can use to obtain reports on spending patterns.

“The data Pizza Simona will get via Vexilor and their loyalty program will be invaluable to them as a new business. They will easily be able to tell which customers are spending the most on which item and then reward them via the loyalty program points.  Beyond this they can use this information to target promotions to the right customers for the right products. Givex’s innovative POS and loyalty integration takes out the hassle of guesswork in regards to which promotions to run,” says John Sydrouk, Managing Director, China and Hong Kong.

Givex allows independent businesses to benefit from an integrated platform which seamlessly connects loyalty and POS for a reasonable price. Businesses are moving away from paper punch card loyalty programs because they do not capture important customer data. Pizza Simona will not lose out on gathering key data which could inform important business decisions as they have a Givex loyalty program. Instead they can get valuable information on their customers through their Vexilor POS and outdo competitors who do not have this capability.

Vexilor is the agile POS and is fully capable of benefiting both enterprise level and small business owners, helping them to succeed in their business ventures. Givex was pleased to implement Vexilor in the independent business setting in Asia and knew that Vexilor would perform well in Asia as it does in United Kingdom, China, Australia, Brazil, United States and Canada.  

“Being a new business it was great that Givex wanted to work with me. They provided detailed solutions and explanations to all my queries and as an independent business owner it is reassuring to know that an established company with 15 years of experience behind them has chosen to become a partner in my success,” says Mr. Guo Ming Hai, founder of Pizza Simona.

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