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Our Platform. Our History. Our People.

Today Givex operates in over 55 countries, having processed over 16 billion transactions to date, across a wide array of industries. Our Proven Platform is providing the tools that drive customer engagement and accelerate operational efficiency for our clients, while generating the valuable and actionable data that is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage in today's fast moving economy.

Our history shows our pioneering spirit and associated milestones. However the hard work and dedication of our employees to continue to make history is our proudest achievement.    

1999 – Full e-Gift Program software developed

2000 – First multi unit customer - Kelsey's International (Cara Operations)

2001 – Fully integrated Stored Value Card program launched

2002 – Loyalty Program launched (Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises)

2003 – Electronic Coupon Engine

2003 – Currency conversion for gift cards

2004 – European office is opened in London, UK

2004 – Second replicated data center in Miami, Florida

2004 – Third Party Gift Card Mall launched

2005 – Opened third data center in London, UK

2005 – Launch of Multi-merchant debit card in Canada

2005 – 1st Large UK based customer – 600 locations

2006 – Winner of the European Card Based Solution of the Year

2006 – Launch of Mx-Coupon, mobile coupon solution.

2007 – Givex is integrated to over 180 POS systems worldwide

2007 – Givex launches Customer WebSuite

2007 – Givex opens fourth, fifth and sixth data centers

2008 – Givex is integrated with over 200 POS systems worldwide

2008 – Australian office is opened in Sydney, Australia

2008 – Givex opens seventh data center in Melbourne, Australia

2008 – Online Corporate Sales module developed

2009 – Givex is integrated with over 300 POS systems worldwide

2009 – Mobile is integrated with gift and loyalty platform

2009 – South American office is opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil

2009 – Asian offices are opened in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

2009 – Givex opens eighth data center in Sao Paulo and acquires ninth data center in Hong Kong

2009 – Integration of Campaign Manager so clients can coordinate sending of email and SMS campaigns using the Givex portal

2009 – Givex is integrated with over 350 POS systems worldwide and continues to add integrations

2009 – Launched Uptix Stored Value Tickets for event venues and sports industry

2010 – In-house fulfillment facilities setup in North America (Mississauga, ON and Gurnee, IL)

2010 – Added cube-based analytics to our reporting capability
2011 – Added ability to build and deploy specialized cell phone apps on all major cell phone platforms to enhance client-to-consumer communications

2011 – Launched Vexilor, our cloud-based tablet POS solution.

2012 - In-house fulfillment setup in Australia and China 

2012 – Develops mobile wallet and SUN (Single Use Number) system for secure transactions

2013 – Develops ERP system

2014 – Acquires Marqui CMS, a Content Management System to further enhance online capability

2014 – Opens Vancouver, BC office

2015 – Acquires Paymentech gift card business, adding over 10,000 new client locations.

2015 – Opens Dallas, TX office

2016 – Givex now has over 750 integrations
2016 – Signs partnership agreement with Linx to provide gift card and loyalty programs in Brazil


Givex Corporate Seal

The Givex Promise - “Experience Excellence”

We always deliver on our promises. Not only is this our culture, but it’s also built into the software tools we created to manage all projects for our clients. We keep our word. Guaranteed.

Our Technology

All Givex products and services are PCI level 1 certified and fully powered by our cloud-based platform for real-time processing and comprehensive data analysis. Our agile technology is at the core of everything we do and is the source of the stability and reliability which Givex is known for.

99.9% uptime
11 data centers

High System Availability

Using proprietary replication technology, your data is replicated on at least two data centers in separate geographic locations at all times. In the unlikely event that one data center is unable to process transactions, its twinned data center will continue transaction processing without delay. Our technology allows us to provide 99.9% uptime for our clients worldwide using this failover system.

Givex Locations Map
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Miami
  • Houston
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • São Paulo
  • Hong Kong
  • Shenzhen

Our People

Since 1999, our workforce has grown to over 170 people across 6 countries. We’re proud to say that our team is diverse, driven, talented, and able to bring a wide range of skill sets and deep experience to solve our industry’s most pressing problems.

Givex Team

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The Planet

Sustainability is an ideal we share with our suppliers and partners and we’re proud to offer our customers environmentally friendly product options to contribute to positive change in manufacturing.

Some of our eco-friendly products and services include:
  • Recycled PVC cards
  • PLA (corn-based plastic) cards
  • Paper stock cards
  • Soy-based inks for gift card carriers
  • Recycled material for gift card carriers
  • Shredding and recycling of deactivated cards