What To Do About Omni-Channel Shoppers

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| May 27, 2015
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It is increasingly prevalent these days to see a shopper purposefully enter your store, pick up your product, examine it and then leave.

Odds are that this shopper wanted to check out a product in person before buying it online most likely with a competitor. This is called show-rooming – when a consumer visits a store to look at the physical product and then buys that same product for a cheaper price online from another merchant. 41% of those who showroom buy from a competitor.

In fact 50% of male consumers and 42% of female consumers who showroom are members of Amazon Prime. Brick-and-mortar stores have in recent years seen a sharp decline in sales due to the rise of online shopping and show-rooming. In fact 81% of smartphone users use their phones while in the store.

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Amaze Your Customers with These Loyalty Program Techniques

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| May 20, 2015
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You have a loyalty program. What’s next?

With 83 percent of consumers saying they belong to at least one loyalty program it is important to make sure your loyalty program stands out from the crowd. In the United States of America alone consumers have 29 loyalty program memberships per household. 

As such you may be wondering how to jazz up your loyalty program or may be looking for the best implementation techniques.

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Brigham Young University Using Givex's Uptix & Gift Cards!

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| May 14, 2015
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Brigham Young University is now using Givex's Uptix stored value tickets & gift card solutions!

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You’re Attending a Trade Show – Now What?

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| May 13, 2015
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You’ve signed up to attend a really promising or even famous trade show. You’ve got your business cards ready and the date marked.

But it’s not enough to just show up.

To get the most out of the trade show experience for yourself, your company and even your personal brand you have to try and stand out from the crowd and employ some effective trade show optimization strategies.

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Top Restaurant Technology Trends for 2015

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| May 6, 2015
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Restaurateurs are well aware that patrons want more than just food when they visit a restaurant – they want a dining experience. Now restaurateurs should also expect their guests to have expectations around technological advancements and capabilities. Much like restaurant goers of yesteryear expected on-trend decor and popular and fashionable food options, they now expect a certain level of technological capability at their restaurants of choice.  

The number of consumers who say technology options at restaurants factor into their choosing of restaurants went up from 20% in 2014 to 25% in 2015 according to a recent survey. Perhaps surprisingly the 25% included both Millennials and older generations. 

Welcome to 2015. 

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