Top Three Ways Customers' Credit Card Info Can Be Stolen In Your Stores

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| April 29, 2015
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As a merchant you should be aware of the threats out there to your customers’ credit card information safety. If credit card info is stolen on your locations or premises then customers will see you as partially culpable for the stress and damages they have to suffer and will voice their anger over social media, damaging your brand’s image on very public forums.

When Target’s security breach became public for example customers flooded the company’s Facebook page with complaints, visibly voicing annoyance and marring their social media presence. Target also reported a noticeable decline in sales during the Christmas season right after their disclosure of the breach. 

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Four Ways to Drive Gift Card Sales on Mother’s Day

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| April 22, 2015
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Don’t forget to call Mom. 

On Mother’s Day a phone call is the most popular form of communication with Mothers, with 43% calling on that day.

But what about the all important gift? The one that says, ‘I love and appreciate you’. Not only to Mom, but to Dad too on Father’s Day?

Perhaps surprisingly the most popular gift option for Mothers is not a spa day or flowers. It is gift cards with 19% of respondents in a survey stating that they would prefer to receive gift cards on Mother’s Day. Similarly gift cards were top in what Fathers want for their Father’s Day gift as well. Gift cards topped Dads’ list of Father’s Day wants as well, with 17% stating they wanted gift cards. 

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How To Be a Social Seller

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| April 15, 2015
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Social selling is a hot concept in the sales world today, particularly in the technology market. 

Many may mistakenly think that social selling means selling only using social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

However it is important to know that social selling is more than sending out a sales-y tweet or creating a marketing Facebook page.

Social selling is about building strong relationships with potential customers based on empathy and relatability, it is about applying good old selling principles in a new way. This goes beyond simply opening a corporate social media account.

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What To Do Once You Have a Loyalty Program

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| April 8, 2015
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You have started a loyalty program. Now what?

Whether you are a big, medium or small business opting to implement a loyalty program was a very good decision to make. According to a new survey enrollment levels for consumer loyalty programs are at an all-time high. A third of those surveyed revealed that they were loyal to a brand because of its loyalty program, while 70% stated that they modified when and where they shopped according to the potential points they could earn.

Now you may be wondering what strategy to follow to see the maximum amount of benefit to your brand and foster coveted brand loyalty. There are certain key points to consider and know when pursuing increased effectiveness of a loyalty program.

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Givex Featured in Finance Monthly Magazine

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| April 2, 2015
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Read on to learn our CEO's insights on future industry trends and our recent acquisition of Chase Paymentech's gift card business!

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Four Secrets to Mobile POS Success You Didn’t Know

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| April 1, 2015
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In the retail sector alone Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) is a $5.7 billion business globally. 

A MPOS is a tablet, smart-phone or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a Point of Sale (POS) terminal. Depending on the software the MPOS can operate as a stand-alone device that’s simply linked to the business’ bank account or it can be an integrated component of a larger POS system.

In recent years MPOS has become a popular option among retailers helping to line bust, combat showrooming and provide better service.

The move to implement MPOS is a smart one. However a nuanced understanding of the technology needs to be reached by the merchant to make the most of the MPOS.

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