Are You Behind On This Important Retail Trend?

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| March 25, 2015
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There is a trend in retail shopping that consumers have latched onto in droves. 

This ‘trend’ has staying power and has changed the way consumers shop in the current context. 

It is omni-channel shopping and if as a retailer you do not know what it is you definitely want to read on. 

Omni-channel shopping entails the consumer using multiple channels – whether it be a mobile device, online stores, visiting brick-and-mortar locations or a Pinterest board – in the process of making a purchase. They may look at pictures of an item on Pinterest and ‘pin’ it to their board, then they may research reviews online, after this they may visit the store to take a look at the physical product and finally they may go to your website on their phone or tablet to make the purchase or worse, buy it from Amazon. This is ‘showrooming’ which is the practice of looking at a product in-store and then buying it for a cheaper price online. 

Either way the buying journey has changed.

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Is Your POS Under Attack from Malware?

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| March 19, 2015
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If you think the threat of POS malware attacks is overstated, then you only need to look at the damage done to major brands that have been successfully attacked with POS malware. Target is a prime example of the damage that can be done by an attack. They saw a 46% drop in profits after their attack, which saw 70 million records stolen that included the name, address, email and phone number of Target customers. Home Depot garnered the same negative press coverage Target did when 56 million customer debit and credit card numbers were stolen from its system requiring $62 million to recover from the incident.

Clearly a POS malware is something you should be concerned about as a business owner.

Now you may be worried, wondering if you have covered your bases and know enough about POS security.

Here we outline 5 key things you need to know to lower your chances of being successfully attacked:

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5 Big Business Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid

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| March 11, 2015
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You undoubtedly know that using social media for marketing purposes is a really good idea. Social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter have millions of fans and chances are that your customers and those who you would like to be your customers are already on these sites. 

However before you hire that marketing pro and open your corporate Pinterest account you should take note of the social media risks to a big business using social media for marketing purposes.

Below we outline the top 5 social media pitfalls to avoid with your social media marketing efforts;

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Why Your Customer Will Want to Buy a Gift Card

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| March 4, 2015
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You’ve read all about how booming gift cards sales are, a $100 billion business, and seen the numbers that attest to gift cards’ popularity with consumers.

But you’re still not convinced to offer them to your customers yet. 

You may be wondering if your gift card program will be successful. 

Looking at the findings of a *gift card survey there are some facts that can tell you why and when and with who your gift card program will be successful.

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