Tech Trends for Your Business in 2016

Tech Trends For Restaurants and Retail Business 2016
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| January 14, 2016
| by Bryan Wang

The rate of technological change is even more daunting than ever and has even greater repercussions on the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. With each year comes a host of new services, new tools, and new disruptions to the market. With our experience helping translate technology into practical business solutions, here are our predictions for how new technology will shape 2016 for enterprise. 

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How to Market to Your Sports Fans in 2015

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| June 10, 2015
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Sports fans are passionate advocates and followers of your sports brand. 

They are loyal in their support and enthusiastic in their devotion to their teams. However with the emergence of new media consumption models the way fans are interacting with their teams and their marketing outreach is changing. For example 45% of self-identified sports fans now prefer to watch their favorite sports team play online, while only 33% still opt for televised content. Also 64% of devoted fans go online at least once per day to consume sports related content. 

Below we go over some top sports marketing tips for 2015.

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You’re Attending a Trade Show – Now What?

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| May 13, 2015
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You’ve signed up to attend a really promising or even famous trade show. You’ve got your business cards ready and the date marked.

But it’s not enough to just show up.

To get the most out of the trade show experience for yourself, your company and even your personal brand you have to try and stand out from the crowd and employ some effective trade show optimization strategies.

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Here’s Why Stored Value Tickets Lead to More Money for You

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| January 21, 2015
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A simple yet very powerful and fast growing tool that can lead to greater profits for you the team, venue or concessionaire are stored value tickets. 

What are they?

Sometimes referred to as “Loaded Tickets” stored value tickets allow teams, venues or stadiums to load money directly onto a fan’s ticket. This can then be used as a form of payment at merchants or concessions throughout the venue.

They are also a great way to drive enhanced fan experience. Below we outline ways in which stored value tickets can help you impress fans and generate profit!

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